Comparison Survey

Compare Survey


Compare: Time to switch to RE/MAX?

1. Do agents typically receive high commission splits?
Did you know? RE/MAX pioneered the full-service, maximum-commission concept in 1973, inspiring one of the most sweeping changes our industry has experienced. Today we continue to lead the industry in services and concepts that best serve full-time professional agents - making the maximum commission is just the beginning of the story.
2. How many offices in your network?
3. Do you have a lead-generating Web site showing all IDX listings in thousands of cities and towns nationwide?
Did you know? Initiated in 2006, the listing aggregation comprises virtually all the listings in thousands of U.S. cities and towns. The site generates an average of 5,000 leads daily for RE/MAX offices and agents with no referral fee from RE/MAX World Headquarters.
4. Does your office or network and its agents have a history of surviving "down markets?"
Did you know? With a history spanning eight U.S. presidential administrations, RE/MAX has emerged stronger than ever after every recession and countless regional downturns. Change prompts serious agents to examine their careers and make decisions that best serve their families - not their company. The result: career-oriented agents continue to make the move to RE/MAX.
5. Are agents typically able to negotiate commission rates with clients?
6. Do referrals in your network travel directly from agent to agent?
Did you know? RE/MAX agents choose who to send referrals to, then contact the agent directly. No brokers or middlemen to get in the way or demand a cut. The Web Roster enables RE/MAX Associates to select an agent based on numerous criteria, including specialties, languages and productivity. They can even send referral forms online.
7. Are you supported by a national advertising campaign?
Did you know? RE/MAX has consistently had a national-television advertising share of voice in real estate that far exceeds all other competitors combined. A recent survey confirmed that RE/MAX led the industry in unaided advertising awareness for each of the previous two years.
8. Do you have access to on-demand video real estate sales training?
Did you know? RE/MAX University on Demand offers more than 1,000 training videos that you can view on your computer, smart phone or Internet-connected TV (U.S. and Canada).
9. How well-known are your company name and logo?
RE/MAX:The RE/MAX balloon, a universal symbolUniversally known
10. Does your office or network provide continuing education and professional designation courses?
Did you know? More than 50,000 RE/MAX Associates have completed RE/MAX distance learning courses that provide CE credit or lead toward a professional designation or other certification.
11. Do you have a commercial/investment division?
12. How do per-agent transaction sides compare with the industry average?
RE/MAX:Higher than average
Did you know? Year after year, the REAL Trends 500 and Power Broker surveys show that RE/MAX agents average significantly more transaction sides than the industry average.
13. How many countries are in your sales network?
RE/MAX: More than 75
Did you know? RE/MAX has more than 90,000 highly professional Associates working out of 6,300-plus offices in more than 80 countries and territories - all linked by a powerful agent-to-agent referral system and Web Roster.
14. Do you have a luxury-home sales program with distinctive signage and branding?
15. Do you have free access to online on-demand real estate sales training 24/7?
Did you know? RE/MAX University on Demand is a video-based training platform accessible online via the members-only extranet, RE/MAX Mainstreet, and (in the U.S. and Canada), via Internet-connected TV. Top industry trainers and highly successful RE/MAX Affiliates deliver real-world insights via streaming video and audio, downloads and podcasts.
16. Do you have free access to professionally designed templates you can customize online to create brochures, virtual tours, Web ads and other marketing materials?
RE/MAX:Yes (in the U.S. and many other nations)
Did you know? The online RE/MAX Design Center, available to RE/MAX Affiliates at no additional charge, has more than 1,300 marketing materials - many of which contain RE/MAX images - that can be customized with agents' photos, contact information and listing descriptions.
17. Do you have an annual international convention that provides networking opportunities with thousands of your colleagues, plus unmatched educational opportunities?
18. Has your network displayed strong growth?
Did you know? RE/MAX has grown from 21 agents at its founding in 1973 to more than 90,000 today. And the reason is simple. RE/MAX is built on a powerful concept: Do everything possible to serve the needs of the industry's career-minded professionals.