By Deborah Ball, RE/MAX Times Online Associate Editor

If you're browsing some of your favorite news and entertainment Web sites this week, don't be surprised if you see RE/MAX ads when you surf.

On Feb. 1, RE/MAX embarked on its largest Internet advertising campaign to date, placing ads on numerous Web sites such as,, – the list goes on.

The campaign, spearheaded by Carat – RE/MAX International's media buyer – features online ad placement in a variety of avenues. One facet includes ads in which RE/MAX International is charged only when an Internet user clicks on an ad; other ads include overhead banners and pre-roll videos. The initiative will create 349 million consumer impressions, in addition to the countless impressions through other RE/MAX brand marketing and advertising efforts.

Building a stronger Internet brand presence makes sense; studies show that consumers spend 20 percent of their time online, according to Carat. The RE/MAX digital campaign is a good way not only to promote the brand, but also to measure the advertising's effectiveness to determine its impact, says David Rea, RE/MAX International Executive Creative Director.

"Digital advertising ties in with our TV, radio and social media campaigns to keep RE/MAX in the forefront during this unique moment in real estate history," Rea says. "We're educating consumers about the homebuyer tax credit with links to, reminding them to act now before the tax credit expires.

"We're also reaching out to explain Short Sales and REOs, and how to avoid foreclosure in order to position RE/MAX agents as the real estate experts on distressed properties."

In concert with the digital campaign, RE/MAX International is working with Scripps networks such as HGTV, FOOD, DIY and Fine Living, on a "Beyond the Banner" enterprise to integrate RE/MAX articles and videos into the content of the network's Web sites.

Whichever medium you see a RE/MAX ad, there's always a singular goal behind it: Putting the brand in front of consumers to increase share of voice, ultimately driving more leads to RE/MAX Associates. RE/MAX agents are the driving force behind the brand, Rea says, and advertising benefits all Associates around the world.

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